This elegant, electric wine bottle opener is a great addition to  your sommelier accessories and a fabulous tool to use on your expensive, fine wines. Incredibly practical and with an attractive design, this stylish device takes up minimum space, which makes it perfect for well-dressed tables and buffets in all your festive celebrations.


This innovative, cordless wine bottle opener takes about 6-8 hours to charge and is able to open up to 8 wine bottles, once fully charged. Extremely convenient, this amazing device can be a life saver if you’re hosting large gatherings.


With a sleek body, made of premium quality steel, this wine bottle opener promises to last and perform excellently every time. Sleek and stylish, it will make a perfect addition to your table décor.


With this highly efficient, cordless wine bottle opener, you will also receive a premium quality foil cutter to easily remove the seal coverings from your wine bottles, a sleek and sturdy charging base with a blue light that can also act as a kitchen night-light (can be turned off whenever you wish), as well as a detailed instruction manual.


A great gift for any wine connoisseur, this automatic, cordless wine opener will definitely surprise your friends with its unique practicality and exceptional style.

Let the Pro Do All the Work for You

With this innovative, electric wine bottle opener, enjoying your favorite glass of wine, becomes easy.

No more struggling to remove the cork with that uncomfortable corkscrew –hand the job over to the pro and unwind, knowing that all the nitty gritty work has been done for you.

Fast and Effortless

Opening a bottle of wine has never been so effortless. With the help of this unique device, you can now open up to 8 wine bottles in one single charge, only at the push of a button.

The ergonomic, soft-grip handle ensures easy and comfortable operation every time, so you can quickly go straight to pouring your delicious wines. No need to worry about tangling cables either-Its cordless design makes sure that nothing gets in your way.

Suitable for both synthetic and natural wine bottle corks.

Classy Design Perfect for All Your Celebrations

Sophisticated and exceptionally attractive, this edge-tech bottle wine opener is a great accessory for every serious wine enthusiast.

Compact  and space-saving (2.25″ Diameter and 10″ height) with a discreet design, you can rest assured that your well dressed tables or festive buffets will retain their elegance and make a good impression on your guests.

Complete Set

Very easy to operate and with an ergonomic, cordless design, this reliable electric wine bottle opener comes with:

  • A sleek and sturdy charging base;
  • A detailed user’s manual to answer all your queries;
  • And a practical foil cutter that can neatly remove the seal covering in a whiz .

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